Thoughts on democracy are generally considered to be high-minded - detached from reality, the concern of others. I would allege that to be deliberate; the effect of social conditioning, manufactured consent and psychological operations. Apathy and ignorance are essential for…
“Oh no! Voldemort Putin - the tyrant! - he must be stopped to save democracy!”
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Freedom Day, Shmeedom Day
Park the hashtags and pro-bono propaganda - this is the same old psy op
Empire simps love to fire those three words across imaginary aisles but what does it mean?
Exhibition was a garbage pile of my favorite doodles. Besides that, I have posted a myriad of (hypothetical) book, movie, and speech snippets; adverts…
A live list of generally anti-imperialist content sources. Books Freedom Next Time - John Pilger Because We Say So - Noam Chomsky Inglorious Empire…
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